Whether your garage door rolls up in multiple sections or in a single section, the overhead garage door works basically on the mechanism of torsion springs. These springs provide the power to the garage door to enable it to run on metal tracks that are mounted on the walls of the garage. There are certain examples when all it needs for your automatic garage doors to function as smoothly as before. There are a couple of simple garage door techniques that fix garage door problems. You can perform these tasks to keep your garage door in a good working position. Wants to learn more about garage doors to increase its overall life, visit the website http://richmondvagaragedoors.com/hopewell-va/ to get more information.

The metal tracks of the garage door could be the cause behind the malfunctioning of the garage door, so you will have to check them first. In case, the tracks become loose or dented, merely fixing and tightening the screws or bolts will work to get back the performance of the garage door. It is good to keep the garage door closed completely while inspecting the tracks of the garage door to find out the dents, damages, or flat spots. Dented tracks can be pounded out with the help of a rubber hammer or plastic mallet. However, in the case of serious damages, professional garage door services should be called.

Make sure that tracks are aligned properly. You can check the balance of tracks with the help of the level. Keep in mind that tracks must be of the same height as the walls of the garage. In case, they are not, you will have to lose the screws and bolts that attach them to the walls but do not remove them completely. Afterward, tap the tracks to position them in the right order. After performing the work, test the alignment using a level. Don’t forget to tighten the screws and bolts once you have finished the process.  Make sure that tracks are cleaned and free from any obstruction. Wash them using any mild household washing cleaners to remove grease and dirt but don’t use any harsh cleaner. Focus on metal rollers, after cleaning them, wipe the rollers completely.

Pay attention to the loose components and other hardware and tighten them to make them secure. You should check the plates on swing-up garage doors where the torsion springs are connected. Make sure that screws and bolts are tightened properly. In the case of roll-up garage doors, loose hinges are tightened and damaged ones are placed. If there are serious issues, you should replace them immediately. A garage door expert can easily fix these problems.

If there is a problem with the torsion spring, call a professional garage door technician to help you. Torsion springs are installed in pairs and if one spring is get damaged; the other is responsible to carry a considerable amount of stress which can be a dangerous thing if you make efforts to fix or replace them. For this work, it would be wise to hire a professional garage door expert for a safer project.

Garage door safety should be your first priority while fixing your malfunctioning garage door. Garage door repair project poses many risks and threats which you should be aware of. A malfunctioning garage door can collapse at any time if it is not working correctly. Any wrong move can cause serious injuries or even death to anyone functioning on the garage door.