Has your garage door created loud noises, sagging on one side, bouncing on its metal tracks, don’t wait any longer to determine what is going wrong?

Performing regular checkups and maintenance regimes and keeping an eye on the basic garage door repair service will increase the overall lifespan of garage doors and helps you to avoid potential problems in a long run.

Identify and highlight the problematic areas:

Perform a detailed inspection of metal tracks when your garage door is completely closed.  Examine the hardware along with the length of each track and try to find out the loose screws or bolts inside the mounting brackets. If you have a sectional garage door, you should tighten the loose hardware and replace the damaged hinges.

Roll-up garage doors consist of vertical tracks that should be inspected. If the hinges become loose, they may have enlarger screw holes. It is good to replace the screw with one which has a longer hollow fiber plug. You can find them at any reputed hardware store. You may also use wood filler or glue to fix the tiny cracks in the wood panel near the hinges. If you found major damages, you need to replace the panel, re-attach the hinges, and then align the track. While examining the tracks, you should keep an eye out for crimps and dents in the metal tracks. The affected area can easily be fixed using a rubber hammer or mallet. If the track is damaged badly, it is good to replace it with the new one.

Cleaning process of garage door tracks:

The tracks of the garage door can accumulate dirt and grease with the passage of time which causes several operational issues. Wash the tracks and rollers thoroughly using a mild household detergent or washing liquid. Don’t leave them to air dry, it is better to use a scrap rug or towel to wipe out the water. If your garage door is creating particular sounds of ascent or descent, consider applying light silicone spray and high-quality lubricant. It should be applied to rollers, tracks, and pulleys.

Garage door repair services for tracks:

If the metal tracks of the garage door got dented or have loose hardware, the garage door will not function smoothly or quietly. To avoid further potential problems, make necessary adjustments to tracks, rollers, and panels as soon as you notice them. A swing-up garage door has horizontal tracks which should be placed slightly slant down towards the back of the garage door. To fix the problem, loose the screws or bolts of mounting brackets and tap the tracks back into their right position. Garage doors that move from vertical to horizontal tracks need more attention to make them aligned and balanced. 

Many garage door problems can be solved using DIY techniques. Still don’t hesitate to consult a professional garage door repair technician. Regular garage door maintenance is imperative to make sure that the garage doors will work properly in a long run.