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Joshua W.

I really like this website. It gives me an opportunity to create a more organized compilation of files. As a consequence, I get more productive. I used to lose my files every now and then especially when I only keep it saved on my phone or laptop. However, with See File, I can now save it online which means I can just visit it whenever I want to view the files I created. If I need them back on my phone or laptop, I can just grab a copy by downloading it, This website makes my life more organized and easy!

Mary D.

This See File website and application was the best thing in my life so far! I really love how it makes my files more organized as I create them. I used to think that don’t really need any of this because I always keep my files on a hard copy whether they are documents or photos. However, I have come to really like the feature this website provides and it’s awesome to keep them saved and ready to be used anytime as well. It also gave me an opportunity to use fewer papers for my copies and just keep soft copies to be printed when needed. Less bulk is convenient too.

Allen K.

See File app is really great. I’m really amazed at its features and I really like how they help me organize everything I need for school and work. Since I am a working student, I tend to have more files than usual and everything is needed to be organized. Otherwise, I’ll be left drowning with never-ending documents. Sometimes, I tend to mix two separate documents which confuse me a lot. However, with See File, I can put these files and documents separate from each other and organize them well. Good job to the developers and I hope they keep updating the app and improving its features for great and better purposes. I’d love to see more from See Files soon.