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Q. Is your application available for phone, tablets, and other gadgets?

A. Hello! Thank you so much for sending your question to us. Yes, See File is not just available as a website but is also accessible as an application on your phone, tablet, and smartphones. You can find the app on your mobile’s app stores.

Q. Hi! I just wanted to ask something before I use See File. Is there any need for an account? Can I use it without one?

A. Hello, thank you for messaging us and thinking about using See File. We always require users to create their own account in order to create their own space on the website or in the application. Without an account, you won’t be able to save your files or anything you need here at See File website or at the application.

Q. Hello, is it true that I can keep even songs or videos on this website?

A. Hi! Thank you for your message, Yes, it is true that you can keep any kinds of files here at See File whether they are photos, videos, songs, documents, and more.

Q. Can I create an account and delete it when needed?

A. Hi, thank you for sending your message to us. Yes, you can create your account and delete it when needed. However, please remember that once you delete your account, your files may be erased unless you sync it with your email address.

Q. How do I save my files from the site or application to my phone?

A. Hi! Thank you for your message, you can always save your files on your phone or any other mobile gadgets by downloading them. You can find the download button once you click the file you’ve saved in Seel File.